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Fishing Charter Services

Blue Sky Fishing 30A offers a 4-hour minimum trip which covers up to six people at $200/hour to start.  We offer 5-hour, 6-hour, 8-hour, and 10-hour trips and provide everything from the license, tackle, reels and rods. There is also a cooler on board for any drinks or snacks you may bring. Alcoholic beverage allowed but no glass bottles; cans only. 

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DeepSea Fishing
Year-Round Availablity.

Blue Sky Fishing 30A offers year-round deepsea fishing charters fit for the whole family. If you're curious as to what deepsea fishing is, our answer is whether you're 3 miles offshore, or 30 miles past the Bay and into the Gulf, that is considered deepsea fishing and what we target. The size and variety of fish you catch are dependent on what time of year it is and what's currently running. But no matter what, you won't go home empty handed. We'll work hard to put you on the fish and show you a great time, every time!

For rougher waters.

If it's rough waters or sea sickness sets in, you won't miss out on a great and memorable experience! Captain Nick will provide in-shore fishing for days when it's extra choppy out. He'll take you into the beautiful bay, the backwaters, and lagoon and put you right on the bite. Here you may even get off the boat and take a swim on the sandbar! 

NEW! Sunset cruise on the Bay. 
Great for couples

Blue Sky Fishing 30A is now offering a special 2-hour sunset cruise on the bay. Great for couples or those needing a break and wanting time to decompress, unwind, and relax on the beautiful Gulf. Cost is $500 for two hours. Adult beverages allowed but no glass bottles. Cans only.

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On our charters, you may encounter a variety of beautiful wildlife including dolphins, sea turtles or even sharks! Dolphins are smart and playful and love to get close and chase the fish. In the summertime especially, they'll come up and run with the boat! Sometimes they will eat your snapper off the line, but they never get hooked! It's a thrilling water adventure you'll never forget. 

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