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Your Captains

Capt. Nick Dorado


Capt Nick grew up fishing and spearfishing with his dad during the early 2000s in Panama City Beach. This adventurous dad and son water-loving duo also did a variety of inshore and offshore diving on the reefs. As he grew older his passion and love for the water and fishing never waned. Capt Nick worked as a divemaster on a dive boat for five years, and by 2015, started guiding independently.

Blue Sky FishingCaptin Nick Dorado holds fish

"When I'm out on the water I turn everything else off and separate what’s going on out on the land. It’s the challenge of finding fish and getting on a good bite, and then seeing the joy on people's faces when they catch something--especially the first time they reel in that really big fish!" -Capt Nick

It's the joy and excitement many encounter fishing that keeps this patient captain out on the water. The stories they've only read and heard about, Capt Nick works hard to bring to life through deepsea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico.​ 

"It's a unique experience and there’s nothing on land quite like's the unknown element of fishing that makes it so much fun. What’s on the end of your reel? What is the bite? What’s so cool is that you never know what you’re bringing up! Even if you lose one, you’ll always wonder: what was that? Sometimes fish break off and you lose them. But even then it's fun and you think about it all day long. The story stays with you. The experience lasts a lifetime." Capt Nick

Capt. Josh Sapp


A Tallahassee native and outdoor enthusiast, Captain Josh Sapp grew up alongside Captain Nick fishing and diving in the Gulf. Their life-long friendship and mutual love for the water make these two seasoned anglers a skillful team ready to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of fishing with others. An all-around good sportsman fisher for everything in the game, Capt Josh brings an element of fun and excitement to your charter experience. ​ 

Capt Nick Dorado and father on a boat holding fish
Capt Nick Dorado and father hold red snapper on a boat in the ocean

The early days. Capt Nick with his dad

Nickolas Dorado Sea School Certificte of Training Photo
Capt Josh Sapp catches a big fish siting by a girl on boat in the ocea

Out on the water. Capt Josh lands a big one!

Capt Nick and Josh's family-friendly approach to fishing, good-natured manners, and love for children has made them a local favorite and helped Blue Sky Fishing 30A garner 150 'excellent' reviews on Tripadvisor!

Capt Josh Sapp holds two fish

Capt. Daryl Paul
Captain Daryl Paul grew up on the beach here in Panama City Beach and is a true local!  He has always had a passion for fishing and exciting adventures.  Capt Daryl and Captain Nick met each other in their younger years lifeguarding for Walton County, and Capt Daryl even became part of the fishing family! 

He is married to Capt. Nick's sister, Cierra, and has expanded the family's legacy of spearfishing, diving, and fishing.  He is a seasoned captain, an off duty EMT and firefighter, and we are so thankful for his love of adventure, family, and serving community.  His fun laid back approach and excitement for the catch is unrivaled! 

Captain Daryl.jpg

Capt Daryl dives for a prize Red Snapper!

Capt. Riley Syfrett
Captain Riley has captained 40 ft vessels off the beautiful shores of Hawaii.  He is retired millitary with a love for all things fishing and the water.  His kind, laid back mannerisms make him a pro teacher and you can often find him sharing expert safety, wildlife, and fishing knowledge especially with the kids!

Riley is married to Shannon and they have two daughters and a grandson.  He enjoys being out on the water in his spare time with his family and is truly a jack of all trades with boat maintenance and home renovation projects!  His flexibility has been a major asset to our team always stepping up and stepping in to help!


Capt Riley helps customer snag a winning King mackerel!

The Boats

Say hello to our newest edition, "El Dorado"



It's fish o'clock!

Get ready, grab your gear, and get out on the water! This roomy vessel is perfect for families and adult groups of six. It's powered by two sweet Twin Yamaha 150 motors. And it's a smooth ride. Kinda like a Cadillac of the boating world, with comfy space and a small toiletry area under the console.  


Brush says, "Captain Nick and Darrell were great hosts. They were excellent with our 4 and 8-year-old boys. Was definitely something we will always remember. We're already talking about booking another tour on our next trip down. Great experience!"

IMG_6891 - Copy.jpg

Say hello to "Miss Lucille" 


Keep calm and go fishing!

This vessel is the 2nd largest boat of the Blue Sky fishing fleet! Miss Lucille is a beautiful 24-ft Polar Express Offshore Series powered by Twin Yamaha Motors. 

This charming 6-seater is fully equipped with a well for live bait, a fish box to keep your catch fresh, and a nice-sized cooler for cold beverages or snacks.


We do allow alcoholic refreshments, but no glass bottles.

Cans only, please. 

Elizabeth says, "My family and I were blown away by the expertise of Captain Nick. We caught fish at each stop and felt confident in the process. We came home with enough fish to feed us 3 delicious meals! Thank you Captain Nick for a memorable start to the new year!".


Ready to get on some fish? Schedule your trip today! 


Blue Sky Fishing Boat.jpg
Blue Sky Fishing Boat Miss Lucille
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