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Captain Daryl Paul: Expanding the Family Fishing Legacy

Captain Daryl has been part of the Dorado clan for what seems like.. EVER. He married Capt Nick's sister, Cierra, and they have 3 children. He has always been on the beach scene, growing up right on the water - a true local to Panama City Beach.

Now Capt Daryl continues his love of fishing, diving, and spearfishing... after YEARS of experience deckhanding alongside Captain Nick- It's OFFICIAL, he has his papers.


Capt Daryl is the most laid back, fun loving guy. He's also who you'd want to call in a jiffy if you have an emergency. An off duty firefighter and paramedic, with a cool no fuss demeanor, and he loves the rush of helping people and keeping those lines on "FIRE"!

Capt Daryl scoops up a Monster Red Snapper spearfishing.

Be sure to give Captain Daryl a big high 5 when you see him! FISH ON!

Long time customer and friend, Mark, lands a Black Fin Tuna complete with Captain Daryl Photobomb!

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